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Agriturismo Italiano Bauernhof in Italien

Farmhouse Tuscany >>> Florence

Farmhouse del castello di verrazzano


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  • A farm holiday in a Florence farmhouse will open to your eyes, and to your mouth, the world of Tuscan food delicacies: big fiorentina steaks, lardo di colonnata (a special sort of pork cured meat) and warming Chianti Classico will brighten up your meals "al fresco". After enjoying a traditional and satisfying lunch in a Florence farmhouse, you can leave for a nice visit at the Uffizi Gallery. The museum hosts the masterpieces of the major Renaissance artists of immortal fame: Masaccio, Paolo Uccello, Filippo Lippi, the great Leonardo, Botticelli, Michelangelo.

    A holiday farmhouse in Florence is a nice place where your soul and body can rest after visiting so art masterpieces in the capital of Italian Renaissance. Being a sort of incarnation of the Renaissance ideals, Florence is not only a symbol for the local Tuscany artistic tradition, but for Italian and European artistic history. The Uffizi Gallery hosts masterpieces by the most major Italian artists and it's one of the first twenty museums in the world. Starting from your holiday farm, after a tasty break with local food delicacies, you can explore every corner of Florence in your own good time. Why running around the town in a hurry? Just take it easy and enjoy the magnificence of Florence beauties...

    If you choose to spend your holiday in a famhouse near Florence and you love nature and green places, Boboli garden is a must-see place you should really visit. Water fountains, cypress alleys, grotesque and classical statues lay for a 45 hectare extension, where green and white are the dominant colors. This natural setting was originally created and intended as a botanical laboratory where exotic plants were to be cultivated for the first time in Europe. And if you really enjoy nature and green landscape, a holiday farmhouse near Florence will be the ideal starting point for visiting trips to Chianti hills.

    A farm holiday near Florence is a worthwhile experience... That's why so many international celebrities chose Tuscany (especially Florence and Chianti) as their second home. Sting and his families are longtime Chianti residents: they even started producing their own Chianti wine in their property. From spring to early autumn, Tuscan countryside become the favourite holiday set for Hollywood celebrities and international hot shots who enjoy the magic of the Tuscan countryside. A holiday in a farmhouse near Florence gives you the same opportunity to fully live and appreciate Tuscany's natural and artistic attractions.