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Farmhouse holidays in Basilicata

From Matera to Potenza: addresses, phone numbers and contacts for all the holiday farmhouses in Basilicata.

Are you a fan of farmhouse holidays? Basilicata is a perfect location for your next farmhouse holiday. Not yet so famous, Basilicata is free from the touristic crowds which occupy other Italian regions during holiday season. The region still retains a wild and rustic appeal and it offers different itineraries and attractions. The Dolomites of Lucania (Basilicata's ancient latin name) provide a superb landscape for hiking trips through the mountains, in a protected natural area, the Pollino National Park. Along the coast, different seaside towns can offer the tourists a full holiday experience combining the local naturalistic and artistic beauties. Maratea is particularly famous for its mysterious caves, hollowed in the rock by the sea waves.

As usual for Italian farmhouse holidays, Basilicata's farmhouses provide a culinary experience which has no comparison. If you stay in a farmhousenear the coast, you'll get to taste the fresh seafood combined with the spicy aromas of Mediterannean herbs, while, if you prefer the inner hillsand mountains, you'll be delighted by cured meats and delicious mushrooms. In any case, your meals will always be accompanied by the precious red wine Aglianico del Vulture, probably the best red wine in Southern Italy and one of the best wines in the world: a wine legend you'll surely want to report to your friends. Isn't that enough to pack and leave for a wonderful farmhouse holiday in Basilicata?