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Agriturismo Italiano Bauernhof in Italien

Farmhouse holidays in Liguria

Relax and traditional cooking in a holiday farmhouse in Liguria: choose your farmhouse now!

Liguria is a peculiar and fascinating region of Italy. In Liguria, the Alps arrive to the sea and create an original landscape where the mountains overlook the sea waters. Holiday farmhouses in Liguria are usually scattered on the inner hills, but just a few kilometers away from the sea, you that you can easily enjoy all the attractions of this beautiful region. Little medieval villages and picturesque valleys define a unique landscape and offer so many different itineraries for your hiking trips fromyour holiday farmhouse in Liguria. A famous example of this typical landscape are the Cinque Terre, a group of five romantic villages, located on different mountain peaks overlooking the sea: they are reconsidered a special place for lovers and newlyweds and they can be reached only by the sea. And if you are planning to stay in a holiday farmhouse in Liguria, you will taste the traditional local cooking, rich in fish and seafood. Probably the most famous delicacy of this region is pesto, which is made using the flavourful and incomparable kind of green basil which grows on the steep hills of Liguria. Any holiday farmhouse in Liguria prepare and store pesto for their guests: ask them for a little jar to take home with you after your farmhouse holiday in Liguria.