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Agriturismo Italiano Bauernhof in Italien

A holiday farmhouse in Piedmont: tasting an ancient way of life.

Piedmont is the Italian region which gained the spotlight recently: foreign tourists find their new Tuscany in Piedmont, a charming countryside with green hills and scattered little villages hosting romantic holiday farmhouses. Piedmont is well known for its farming heritage and its wine making tradition. Actually Piedmont is the home of the best Italian wines, expecially the the great red wines: Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco... These wonderful wines are the best match for long-cooking meats (local beef meat is a delicacy in Piedmont) and local cheeses, both fresh (ricotta) and aged (toma, Castelmagno). Any holiday farmhouse in Piedmont will provide with the best food this region can offer: many holiday farmhouses in Piedmont raise their meat cattle and grow their produce, not to speak of the vineyards, so common in Monferrato and Langhe hills. Piedmont can be appreciated through a farmhouse holiday in all season of the year, but fall is indeed spectacular for its bold colours and the great number of local fairs and festivals.