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  • If you choose to spend your holiday in a famhouse near Florence and you love nature and green places, Boboli garden is a must-see place you should really visit. Water fountains, cypress alleys, grotesque and classical statues lay for a 45 hectare extension, where green and white are the dominant colors. This natural setting was originally created and intended as a botanical laboratory where exotic plants were to be cultivated for the first time in Europe. And if you really enjoy nature and green landscape, a holiday farmhouse near Florence will be the ideal starting point for visiting trips to Chianti hills.

    A farmhouse near Florence is an ideal accomodation for an unusual holiday in Tuscany. After spending a few days in the relaxing nature of Tuscany countryside, the ancient and magnificent town offers the tourists other genres of beauties and charms. Immmortals monuments such as Santa Maria del Fiore, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella (designed by humanist Leon Battista Alberti) and Santo Spirito are among the most beautiful holy buildings in Europe, not to mention their importance in art history as early and successful examples of Renaissance art. And after a full day of sightseeing, your farmhouse near Florence will welcome you again and provide you with a night of sound sleep in the silent Tuscan countryside.

    A farm holiday in Florence offers a lucky chance to watch the picturesque historical reenactments of the different historic periods which marked the city's history: from Lorenzo the Magnificent to the Savonarola period, you'll get acquainted with Leonardo da Vinci's genius and all the Renaissance wonders. Indeed the Renaissance period has been Florence's Golden Age; among the city's walls and towers you can still sense the magic of that unique moment in history. That's why a farm holiday in Florence means art, history and culture: getting in touch with art masterpieces and great historical monuments becomes a lifelong lasting memory.

    Holiday farmhouses around Florence are the most appreciated by Italian and foreigner tourists. Chianti farms are particularly loved by British and American tourists, regular guests in the world capital of art. Piazza del Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto's bell tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, th Opera del Duomo Museum: all these works of art are milestones in the history of architecture. Just take the time they deserve to be fully appreciated. While staying in a comfortable and inexpensive holiday farmhouse, you don't really need to hurry.